MONSANTO> Quietly creating a monopoly on the world food supply.

MONSANTO is the world leader in GMO’s, rGBH, mutant corn, trans-genetic migration… Where did they come from? How are they so powerful as to create government regulation and sway political agenda? PLEASE take a look at this film. I was very surprised at the lengths to which GMO’s have been utilized and forced upon farmers and us, the people who live on this planet. MONSANTO owns many many patents on seeds which they require farmers to sign exclusive contracts of supply and also prohibits the farmer from replanting from the previous crop, requiring the farmer to purchase more seeds every year.. Therefore they receive royalties on every sale of food produced from their seeds, and they are deep in the process of owning patents on every type of food imaginable. And thats just the business end, not to mention the health and environmental risks involved with genetically modifying our food supply.
” Control the food supply and control the people”.


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