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Well, well, well, it’s that time of year again! A new one. Let’s all celebrate the coming of next global superstorm of 2012!! 2 more years to get busy.
So anyways,
I just finished this latest installment in The FutuRetroistic Show!! This one is more jazz, funk, r&b, souled out. We take a trip again and learn some interesting facts along the way. So journey on in to the FuturePast and have some fun for old times sake…enjoy.
Episode 3: TheWisdomOfTheAncients.
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VINROC dropped an album in Jan this year. This video is a great example of what goes into making a beat. I hope this serves as an inside look for those out there that were wondering what the process looks like.
Very creative video for a killer Dj..


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Once upon a time an eccentric man who lived by himself and kept himself locked away until nightfall grabbed a couple turntables, a mixer and some rare breaks then created a vein emptying mix for all you blood suckin’ young bucks. Tune your iDials to WISL and take a journey into the mind of a man obsessed.
WISL Dracula ExperienceFree Download: WISL vol.4 Dracula Experience
click here


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True schoolers of Hip-Hop culture may feel like our artform has taken a downfall. Maybe we are poised for an uprising. I hope these tracks represent a new direction or at least a bump back in the right direction.


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You gotta check the new Kid Koala mix. A collaboration with Wolfmother, this banger of a mix hits with the weight of a locomotive screaming down a mountain! This KID put his mix up for free on his site like a true champion of sound. So check the mix and go see your KID KOALA show as he hits your town.
KID KOALA “The Slew”<<click it!!
this clip is from the first show on The Slew tour. Peep it.


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Heres a preview of the new Sugar Goldstar video ” On The Tour Show”. Beatmakers from the Idependent Digits put the sounds together for the video. Preview track by Ian St. Laurent. Check these kids out. They get loose on the skateboards and Independent Digits provide the soundscape. Independent Digits includes such beatmakers as OpalRock, Dj Luck, Cramske, and Ian St. Laurent to name a few.


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Funky Ass Mutha Effers, Teeko, Max Kane and Malaguti get busy with some live funked out feel good. Funky Analog Music Experience is a live producer performance band. Check out the west coast fam utilize the Controller1 turntables from Vestax and create a live band experience. These cats are seasoned vets in the Turntablism artform. Catch ’em on tour if you’re not from San Franpsycho…
props to DJ Satva on the video production!!